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Happy Birthday Son: Hey! Are you searching for Birthday Wishes for Son? If yes, then you reach to the right place where you will get a collection of 50+ Happy Birthday Messages For Son which is accumulated and published by Birthday Wishes Quotes for you.

Birthday of Son is a very special day for any parents. Every parent wants to express their warmest feelings and also wants to show how they loved him, cared about him and most importantly how much proud of him. So why don't you use following Birthday Wishes and Messages For Son to wish your son on his birthday? You can send him beautiful text message into Birthday Card with a gift.

Here is the collection of Happy Birthday Wishes For Son:

Happy Birthday Son - Wishes, Quotes, Messages

Happy Birthday Son Wishes
Happy Birthday Son Wishes
You made us so happy by just coming into our lives and with each birthday that happiness only keeps growing. We love you. Happy Birthday, son. With lots of love, your proud parents!
Dear son, no matter how much you have grown, for us, you are always going to remain our dearest and smartest baby boy. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true!
Time is flying so fast, you‘ve become a great young man, but you‘ll always be our sweet child in our hearts. Have a wonderful day, dear!
Let the god decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of successes. Happiness and prosperity for you…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SON.
You have always made us proud. Our blessings and support are always with you. May God bless you with all you desire in life. Happy Birthday Son. Enjoy your special day.
We love you and wish for you the happiest of days and a bright, healthy future.
We feel so proud that you have grown into such a great person, full of love and caring for others. May you have an unforgettable day, our darling son!
You are colorful like the rainbow, You are bright like the sun, You are sweet like chocolate and candy, You’re so good to each and everyone. I’m so lucky to have you as my son. Happy Birthday!
How can I ever forget the moment when I took you in my arms for the very first time? Every year your Birthday reminds of this beautiful moment and I find tears rolling down my cheeks. Here's wishing the best of blessings and good luck on your Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son
Happy Birthday Wishes For Son
Unending love, undivided attention, eternal pampering, everlasting affection and endless care. These are the things that we can do for you, our dear son. Stay happy and have a happy birthday!
From the day you first talked until the day you first walked, I always felt blessed to have you. Happy birthday my son!
Dearest son, you are a miracle by God, You are a gift to us from heaven above. Even if at all, I forget to remind you what you mean to me, Remember you are the one who fills my world with glee. Happy Birthday to my little one!
My dear son,
I would wish and pray this day,
That you get everything that you desire,
You never have to look down,
And get only higher,
Wish you a lovely birthday!
Stay blessed in life!
Dear son, when you feel that life is giving you such a hard time, just come to me and I will give you a hug. No matter how old you will become, for me, you will always be my little son. Have a happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my amazing little guy! It‘s time for celebration! Wishing you lots of fun on your special day, darling!
Son! Being a parent is hard but you made it really easy for me I am so glad that you grew up to be such a nice day HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear SON.
Dear son, you are like a prince to us. May you have a great year and glorious life ahead. We are always with you. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy.
Regardless of whether you have become a young teenage boy or grow to be an old man, you will forever be our little bundle of joy. Have a happy birthday, son!

Birthday Wishes For Son
Birthday Wishes For Son
On your special day we wish you strength and determination to achieve all your goals and touch the stars! Have a brilliant birthday, dear son!
Nothing can be compared to the feeling of pride when you get to see your little son, grow up so wonderfully into such a gentleman. Thanks to you dearest son, we can call ourselves proud parents. Happy Birthday to you.
Having a great son like you is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to our life. I will forever be proud of you, happy birthday my dear son!
The warmest greetings
To my cute little bug,
I wish you all the best, dear,
And give you a warm loving hug!
From the day you were born,
To this wonderful day,
There were many things to say,
But today on your special day,
I would like to say
That I love you a lot
Wish you a lovely birthday!
Stay blessed in life!
On your birthday, we wish you nothing but happiness and luck. We pray that all your dreams will be fulfilled and that you will soar ahead towards the direction of success. Happy Birthday, our beloved son and all the best birthday wishes for son from mother!

Happy Birthday Message For Son
Happy Birthday Message For Son
Today is your special day, my little guy. Have a wonderful birthday!
My dear son,
Always stay happy and content in life,
My only wish for you this day is,
You remain healthy, wealthy and happy,
Wishing you a very happy birthday,
Have an awesome day!
The best memories and the most precious moments of our life revolve around the smiles and laughter of just one person - you, our son. Happy Birthday and we want you to know that we are always here for you.
Dragons and sailing ships, astronauts and adventurers, cowboys and explorers: may all of these and more accompany you in your dreams of the future.
You are the apple of our eye and our biggest bundle of happiness. You make us so happy and proud everyday with all the things you do. Happy Birthday, dear son.
My darling son, you have certainly made my everyday life feel like Mother’s Day. I love you and may you have the most wonderful birthday celebration ever. Happy Birthday!
You were charming as a boy, and you are even more charming as a man. Responsibility and achievement sit well on you. May you have a wonderful birthday.
You are a gracious person, with a good heart. You care, not because you need to, but because you want to. May God bless you. Happy Birthday Son.
Son, you will always be our little toddler and a piece of our hearts you will forever be. Happy birthday, dear!
We are old school, so we will hug you on your birthday instead of pressing the like button on your Facebook and we will sing you Happy Birthday instead of tagging you in tweets on Twitter. Happy birthday son.
Dear son, you have grown up to be a fine young man. But we want to let you know that we will always be there for you, every step of the way and in every walk of life. We love you dearly. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
Dear son, on that day that you were born, it was certainly a day to celebrate. And even until now, we still continue to celebrate because you have definitely brought so much happiness and joy to our life. Happy Birthday!
Your birthday is a reminder that you have grown up and you are ready to start paying all your personal bills yourself from now onwards. Happy birthday son.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son
Happy Birthday Wishes For Son
May your Birthday, bring loads of joyful and sweet memories in your life. May you have a great and successful year ahead. Happy Birthday.
Son, you are a good example of everything that is right in this world we live in. May your future be as bright and may you be happy on your special day. Happy Birthday!
I may have taught you to become a good student, good citizen, good sportsperson and a good mate. But you my son, have taught me the most important thing of all – how to become an amazing father. Happy birthday.
May this Birthday bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of your life. You deserve the best because you are a terrific son and a loving human being. Happy Birthday!
On this day, you become one year older. But no matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be my little son who took his first steps while holding my finger. Happy Birthday sonny boy!
Every father secretly wishes that his son grows taller, and wiser than him. Congratulations – at least you’ve grown taller. Happy birthday.
The echoes of yesterday bring back sweet memories of you. Tomorrow will hold a promise of sweeter moments. May your birthday today be sweetened with so much joy and wonder that you have brought to everyone around you, Happy Birthday, son!
Being parents to a lovable child like you has been the most blissful and heavenly experience for us. Thanks for giving us happy times and unforgettable memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Dear son, Happy Birthday!
Our dear son, if I look at everything that has happened in my life, it’s easy to say that you are the best part of it. Thank you for being a blessing, happy birthday!
I felt excited, when you clutched my fingers for the first time ever. I smiled, because I realized that I finally became a father. I laughed, when you started growing up into a little boy. Today I am so happy, because you fill my life with joy. Happy birthday son.
 Dear son, you are our life’s most awesome home run. Happy birthday.
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