Top # 100+ Best Birthday Wishes for Mom

Birthday Wishes for Mom: Hey there! Are you looking for Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom? Then your wish will be fulfilled here. We Birthday Wishes Quotes have picked beautiful Birthday Wishes for Mom and published this collection for you.

Every person has a unique place for mother in their heart; everyone wants to make their mom's birthday memorable by wishing her warm wishes which include lot's of love and respect for the mother. You can also wish your mom on her birthday by sending following Best Birthday Wishes for Mom.

Here is best-accrued collection of Birthday Wishes for Mom

Top 100+ Birthday Wishes for Mom

Best Birthday Wishes for Mom
Best Birthday Wishes for Mom
Mom, you will always be the first woman I have ever loved. Whatever I am today, I'm because of you. I owe you so much. Thank you, Mom. Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world.
If I can grow up to become even a LITTLE of what you are, I will consider myself to have achieved a LOT. Happy birthday mom.
These days I don’t get much of a chance to see you and talk to you.
But I want you to know I never get so busy that I don’t think of you,
smile and feel lucky to have such a brilliant mother as you!
Mama, all I want that I could grow up like you in the future. I wish you a happy birthday and it’s all your guidance for which I have become the person I’m now.
When you told me what to do, I thought you were bogging me down. But in hindsight I realize that you were actually giving me wings. Happy birthday.
You are rare like a diamond, beautiful like a goddess and pure like an angel. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have a mother like you. Happy Birthday to you, dear Mom.
No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing… home will always be where your mom is. I believe this, happy birthday mom.
I love you so much mom, more than you can even imagine! You have been such a strong support to me. I will never be able to thank you enough for all of it. Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world and the prettiest lady I have ever seen!
Like the ground beneath my feet, all the love and care you’ve put into my life has turned into a foundation that will support me as I walk life’s twists and turns. Thanks mom.
Everyone else calls you my mom. I call you my BFF. Happy birthday.

Amazing Birthday Wishes for Mother
Fantastic Birthday Wishes for Mother
On your birthday, I wish you a peaceful and lovely life ahead. May you always be healthy and happy. I wish you a wonderful year and a very happy birthday. Love you Mom. 
You are like the ever-blooming garden where just beauty and love are growing! Happy Birthday, dear mom! 
May your eyes always be free of tears, is what I wish as your birthday comes near. Love you ma.
Forget the movies, mom you are my real-life hero. Without you, my life’s worth would have been zero. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to my beautiful, wise and cheerful mom! You are simply the greatest, I love you!
I'm celebrating this day as one of the best days of my life. It is the birthday of a special someone who has been a friend, philosopher, role model, guide and more importantly, one of the most caring individuals in my life. It's you, mom! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
You’ve always been the wind that helped the boat of my life sail through high tides, choppy waters and endless storms. Happy birthday ma.
If there was a word in the dictionary to describe a woman as loving, wonderful, nurturing, caring and affectionate like you, I'd paint the whole world red with it. Since there is no such word, accept my humble wishes on your Happy Birthday!
You are the one who made my childhood special, and I remember every minute of it. Thanks to you, Mom. I Wish you a very warm and happy birthday. May God pour all the love and warmth on you.
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

The years hurry past and change many things, but never the love and wishes that birthdays bring. Have a Wonderful 60th Birthday, Mom!
You are my teacher, my strength, and my support. You made me believe in me. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May God bless you with his care and love. I love you Mom.
Wishing you a Happy 60th Birthday Because you’re a wonderful mother!
Mom, nothing I say will ever be enough for you. You are one person in this world whom I can completely trust and I know you will never let me down. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
A Special Thanks on your 60th Birthday, Thank You for all the Things You Do, And Most of All, Thanks for Being You… Have a Marvelous Birthday, Mom
I celebrate this special day for a special someone who is the source of inspiration and guiding light for the entire family. Happy birthday dear mom!
To the person who means more to me than life itself. Mother, I hope your birthday is the best day ever!
When everyone else put me down, you stood by me and believed in my dreams. You are the reason why I am what I am today. Thanks mom, I love you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
Sometimes I wish I had a mother to give a card to on a special day. Today’s your birthday? Wish granted!

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Mother
Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Mother
For your lovely mother below is a large collection of some best birthday wishes, you can send her on her birthday.
Just to prove I haven’t forgotten, I drove all the way here for you today. Happy birthday and enjoy today!
I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays to you, the happiest of moms. Feel truly special today!
You are my angle, my globe and everything. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to love you as much as you do to me.
When angels sing and cherubs dance, there is only one day that today must be. It’s your birthday mom!
You are the air I breathe, the sun I pray to and the land beneath my feet. Dear mother, I can’t explain how wonderful you have made my life. A very happy birthday to you.
Thanks Mom for staying around and being there for me until all the light bulbs were going off for me. Happy Birthday, Mommy!
To all the greatest, you gave me birth, you gave me life, and you gave me a home. The only thing you want from me is one day, and that’s so little to ask. I wish your birthday to be full of joy and wonder.
Mom you are everything I want to be, I hope you always stay with me. You were my past, you are my present and I hope you’ll be my future too.
Blessed be the day of your birth! For today is the day the lord has created you! This day is meant for you and only you. Best wishes from your loving children.
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

A very happy birthday to the world’s best mother. I love you so much. No matter how far I go, you’ll always be in my heart.
You know, there’s something missing today. What is missing that you need? A cake! I guess I brought this just for you. Best wishes and may your special day always be blessed!
You are my angel, you are my life. I promise I’ll be a good child from tomorrow.
Happy birthday forevermore and may your next birthday be happier than the last.
I love you mom, can you always stay my mother? Whenever I am scared, you hug off all my fear. A very happy birthday to my superwoman. There is nothing like you mother.
The greatest gift the Lord ever gave me was when you chose you to be my Mother.
I feel so privileged to have a mother like you, you are simply awesome. The starts in the sky together can’t illuminate my world like you dol. I love you so much mother.
I have been waiting all year for this special day, Mommy. I can’t wait to take you to a fancy dinner and celebrate with you.
If you could see my heart, you would find yourself in it. I wish you get everything in life. A mother is the most beautiful creation of God and so are you.
You are more than a parent to me, you are my best friend. Thank you for everything you do for me, Mama.
No matter how many candles I light, it will all fade away against the way you bright my life. I wish the best of this world to you.
Mom, I love how you are always taking care of me. Today, I want you to relax and let me plan the day.
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother
Birthday Wishes for Mother

In this small wish I am sending you all my love, kisses and hug. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous lady on earth, you are just amazing mom.
I think about you everyday Mom but mostly on this day, this most special birthday.
No matter How far I go, A piece of you will always be in my heart.You are that smile which comes after tears. Roses are red violets are blue my mother is beautiful and that is so true.
I can’t wait to take you out tonight, Mommy. Today is your day and it’s the greatest treat to be able to spend it with you.
Dear mother, I don’t know how you manage yourself so perfectly; I wish I could be like you. I have seen God, He is my mother.
There are not enough words in the English language to let you know just how much you mean to me. I love you and am so grateful for you.
You are like a diamond, unbreakable with immortal strength. I wish the best of this world for you.
Mom, you have been the strength to carry me through difficult days. I hope today you can enjoy yourself.
I wish you get all the happiness of this world, I love you so much mother. A very happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Mommy, I hope your day is as special as you are. I will do my best to make it a special time.
Best Birthday Wishes for Mother
Best Birthday Wishes for Mother

From each cell of my heart I have loved you. You smile, your eyes and everything about you is admirable. Smile it’s you birthday mom.
I’ll always be your little boy no matter how old we both get. If I ever make my favorites list, you’ll be at number one.
To the woman that has always brought the best in me and seen the best in me, no matter what I’ve done.
Your strength, love and courage make me better prepared for the challenges of life, Thank you so much mom, I love you so much!
For every year of my life, you’ve easily won the “Best Mom of the Year” Award. Nobody comes even close of your winning ways. May this birthday be as great as you are!
Things that you’ve taught me throughout my life help me out every day of my life. I am truly grateful.
If you hadn’t been there for me, I wouldn’t be the one who I’m today. Thank you very much!
Every time I fell, you helped me get up. You never let me miss a step, get paralyzed by fear or pass up love. Thank you for always being there for me!
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